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The Fashion of Scrubs
about 2 years ago


It all began flaring headdresses, white gowns, and baggy clothing to the nuns who founded nursing as a profession many decades ago. Nowadays, the uniforms of nurses have taken the twist from the traditional ones. Officially, their uniforms should be all white and it remains to be that way. However, this does not limit practitioners and hospitals to utilize any types of clothes which are necessary and appropriate on doing their duties. These days, scrubs have already become of the day to day wear of all nurses and doctors because of its numerous advantages.


The fashion scrubs, in its very plain term, might not exist or might be referred to as a hospital jargon. This is due to the fact that the hospital is a lot different from any other kinds of offices and the employees here do "absolute worlds apart job" in contrast to the white collars. For short, fashion is solely applicable to professionals or people who just have little amount of work. But, it is not fair to limit the nurses with that kind of dress without accounting comfort during duties. Therefore, the "fashion scrubs" is the context of comfort while in the workplace.


Nowadays, instead of looking nurses in their white uniforms and caps, you could already see them wearing nursing scrubs with various prints and colors. This clothing is the finest options as far as easiness is concerned. Nurses could now be able to do their jobs freely with these scrubs rather than the traditional uniforms. It is similar to a soldier wearing his battle gear in contrast to his Type A uniform. So, here are the mechanics from Blue Sky Scrubs on how to mix scrubs in accordance to color.


1. True blue - just think of the sky, what does it tells you? Calmness is what usually blue stands for and using this color for the scrubs would be excellent for the patients. However, do not partner this color with any dark-colored scrub because it has the tendency to not look good.


2. Sunny yellow - unless you do not like to appear like a pear, you may want to partner your yellow scrub with some neutral colors such as green. The yellow color projects optimism, this color could drive energy for the nurses with long hours of shift.


3. Fresh green - nothing can beat green and if you happen to be in the ER, this could is best for you because it means growth and vitality. Click here to learn more: https://www.ehow.com/how_8344582_make-scrub-skirts.html.

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